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The Mortgage Bank Act is dated 9 September 1998 and was last amended in 2005 and replaced by the Pfandbrief Act. The Mortgage Bank Act (HBG) is responsible for the rights and obligations of mortgage banks in Germany. Mortgage lenders are private lending companies that lend property and issue mortgage bonds. Supervision of the mortgage banks has the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht).




The mortgage is a financial security that is used as collateral when financing. Mortgages are registered in the land register and belong to the real estate lien. A land charge is a hedge of a loan, a loan. The liens are regulated in §§ 1113 – 1203 BGB. The land charge is a security interest for a property. In Germany, the mortgage, the pension debt and the land charge are mortgages. They are given as security for a loan, for a loan.

The land charge arises on the basis of a contract between the landowner and the one in whose favor the land charge is to be ordered. With the land charge right, the lender has the option of obtaining this sum through a foreclosure auction if the borrower is no longer able to make the payments. If the payer does not provide the payments, the owner of the land charge right can enforce the foreclosure in order to get his money. In the case of a land charge right of annuity, a regular payment is agreed to the creditor. If no installments are paid, Bank can make use of the lien. A Grundpfandrechtsgäubieger is a lender who has secured this by a mortgage. A land charge is a hedge of a loan, a loan.

This usually occurs as part of mortgage lending. The land charge is a right for a property. These include in Germany the mortgage, the pension debt and the mortgage. They are granted as security for a loan, for a loan. The mortgagee enters the mortgage in order to secure his claims against the debtor. In a notarial deed the interest and the loaded in addition to the amount of the mortgage amount, possession noted. This certificate gets the land registry office. The main teas of the HBG are the definition of the term mortgage bank, Pfandbrief, the cover of Pfandbriefe and the rules on trustees. Many of the provisions of the HBG also apply to all banks, but they are mainly related to the mortgage lenders.