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A property is a building. The word real comes from the Latin word in-mobilis and means immovable. Thus, a property is literally one immovable object. There are private and public real estate, skyscrapers, multi-family houses, factories, commercial buildings, state buildings, single-family homes, Rhine houses, etc. A property can be purchased or rented to live. Real estate can be mortgaged and used as a financial investment.



The owner of a property is entered in the land register. A property must be kept up to date. Maintenance includes measures to restore the initial condition of a building. It includes maintenance, inspection, restoration, repairs, maintenance of a condition, technical renewal, security, cleaning of real estate, both inside and outside. Weathering, aging and wear may require maintenance. The owner is responsible for his property and its maintenance.

Properties in good condition have a higher value and are sold better. Renovation measures are the damages that are remedied. Difference to a repair is that damages must be repaired before they can be repaired and renewed. Usually belongs to a property and a plot. Each property consists of one or more parcels. A built plot of land is called building land, non-built land is called scenic land. The value of a property depends on the location, the nature and the infrastructure of the area. Everything that is firmly attached to the land of the property belongs, according to German law, to the property. In the cadastral office you can see the exact location, the size of the property and borders. A distinction is made between a more fully developed property and a partially enclosed property. A semi-enclosed plot of land is a plot lacking any of the four things of electricity, water, sewage or gas. Real estate is often bought through real estate financing. These financings are offered by banks specifically for real estate. The construction of real estate is possible through special loan offers by banks. If the intention is to buy a property, many factors are applied here. Among other things, the value of the property must be determined. If the real estate is deposited as collateral for the loan, the entry in the land register takes place. Real estate is a suitable retirement plan, therefore, the loan taken for it should be paid before the retirement age.